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Dream Garage at new M1 Car Condominium in Metro Detroit Michigan. Where my restored cars, mostly Kissel Kars, will live.

Holds 9 cars easily with lifts, has bar and half bath and view of 150 MPH race track from nearly every unit.

Man Cave heaven.

Still need to install big screen TV and kitchenette.

Ron Hausmann P.E. 



Six Kissels in Garage.JPG


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Congratulations, Ron--

on completing your dream garage!

I know you worked hard on this one, and it is great that you were able to realize your dream.

I recently completed my own dream garage, so I know the joy of an outstanding achievement.

Again, let me say, "A job well done."




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I can't wait to hit that phase.  I'll be happy with approval and a shell at this point.  Here is my progress on the one I'm building from scratch.  Still working on finishing the other one off.   Of course when your project starts with clearing probably 40 70 foot trees and bringing in 820 yards of fill,  it's a slow uphill battle.  For the first time ever it has been factors other than financing that have held up construction.   The planning board seems to be concerned with what I do in the middle of nowheres that's not visible from the road,  when they have continuously approved projects that I saw had major parking, drainage, or impact on the area that didn't seem to be much of a concern.  





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Started up all three "lower level" Kissels as shown this weekend and drove around the race track. 1923 Kissel Model 6-45 Gold Bug Speedster, 1921 Kissel Model 6-45 Sport Tourster, and 1923 Kissel Model 6-55 Brougham Sedan. Also took two of them to the first Car-and-Coffee car show of the year.

Ron Hausmann




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