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1933 chrysler royal 8 coupe windshield rubber source?

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I have the split windshields out and apart for rechroming, and need to source new rubber. Around the frames and on the body in front of the dash panel, that the frames close onto. Steele or Metro moulded? Was the quality decent? The frame rubber comes by the foot and needs to be joined at the bottom of each frame with a superglued miter. Should I do that on the inside bottom corner or the outside bottom, or both? I'm thinking both. Thanks, John Walker

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Check Restoration Specialties in PA for rubber. They have a website restorationspecialties.com where you can view their catalog. A phone call will get you samples of product that you can try before purchasing. They also have access to all the rubber manufactures in the business.Their number is 814-467-9842 and their hours are 9-5 Mon.-Fri. EST Ask for Jeff.

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