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Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen,


This posting is to gauge interest in this car. I am currently located in Germany (US military) and have the ability to get my hands on a 1987 Fiat 126P. It is canary yellow and was just painted. The interior is in good shape. I can provide photos and any other information as needed. I am not an expert in cars and am only on here posting this because it is the obvious place to start gauging potential interest in this car. What can you guys tell me about this car from the antique car expert's point of view. If I get this car, is there any interest in it?



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I am in Poland. There are still many 126s alive and well. Just got a 126 for my wife to plunk around in. One owner, now 78, with 55,000kms, original good paint, ect just like you'd expect from a we'll kept one owner car. Paid US$500..... yes $500. I have seen people ask US$15,000! Please be careful ..... people ask some really stupid prices hoping for a fool. SORRY that is just the truth. 

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