PA Wants Y.O.M. Plates Returned

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It is unfortunate to have to deal with bureaucrats at the DMV, I wish you the best of luck.


Is it possible you may have selected the wrong state to live?   There are a few non paved roads in the SE corner but almost all of the state and county roads are paved.


Many states assign license plates to a car and expect the owner to in effect, lease the plates from the state.  I know of a state where modern plates must be rented each year or put in the DMV storage.  If you don't put them in storage for say 4 years, you must pay the current year plus the back years registration fees.   Here in Ohio, the plates, for a modern car,  are assigned to a person and the plates can be moved from car to car.  Last march, I purchased a car and sold the old one only going to DMV to record the new car.  I actually have a set of plates that have been on 3 trucks since 1996.


Antique plates have a one time charge of about $50.00 and need not be renewed for 40 or 50 years.  Five years ago I sold a 1953 car & kept both the antique & year of Manufacture plate.  I will need to purchase a new antique plate for the next car but if it is a 1953 year, I can reuse the YOM plate.  To convert to a YOM plate, you must keep the antique plate in the car & pay a registration fee of about $5.00.


Ohio DMV will randomly send out letters asking for proof of insurance for modern cars but I have never talked with any one requesting information on an antique.  Maybe just the lock of the draw.


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An update [see first post in the thread]: PennDOT stopped requesting the return of my 1924  YOM plates, but now want a copy of the Bill of Sale. I sent them 2 copies, but they always replied with the same form letter: "send copy of bill of sale." The title place where I signed over the title told me that I need a Bill of Sale with the signatures of both buyer and seller ("no notary required"). Unfortunately, the buyer won't sign it, even though I mailed him a copy with a stamped envelope and a polite request. The reason, I speculate, is that he registered the car in his home state, understating the purchase price to save on sales tax and is afraid he'll be found out. Not sure how to tell this to the state...



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Sounds like such a pain dealing with your DMV - if the other party hasn't filled in their portion of the transfer we just have to fill in a statutory declaration with a form saying we no longer have the vehicle

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