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My official 1936 D2 sedan resurrection thread

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After weeks of unusually cold spring weather we've had a few very nice days here in SE PA.  I hear things will cool down again soon and stay that way for awhile so my son and I decided that we had better act quick and we headed to the  Dodge Garage.

First order of business was to drain the block of the cleaning vinegar that has been in there for a few weeks.  Actually 2 batches of the stuff over the past few weeks.  The first batch went into the block clear and was drained as very gritty black coffee-colored stuff.  The block was then immediately refilled with fresh cleaning vinegar.  So yesterday we moved all the crap  blocking the garage opening and we rolled out the D2.  We drained that second batch of yuck and it was pretty bad but not nearly as gritty as the first.  Then followed some flushing with clean water from a drain blasting slender tube and that pushed out a bunch of grit.  Then we broke the drain blaster and had to switch to a regular hose nozzle shot down the coolant distribution tube opening.  Then a long bottle brush down the same hole.  Soon we'll haul the pressure washer to the garage and use that to see what it dislodges.  At that point I'll have to decide whether more aggressive measures are needed.  I know there black powdery deposits from the vinegar and they must be rubbed to remove them.  No way to do that without pulling the cylinder head and I'm not going there.  Not right now anyway.

Then we moved to the interior because I wanted to remove the front seat to evaluate the floor.  The capscrews holding the seat tracks to the floor will clearly need some serious persuasion before they move.  In fact the heads may have to be ground off.  With that obstacle I looked over the situation and saw the nuts and washers holding the seat pan to the tracks.  "I wonder what happens if I loosen them?"  Well that was clearly a good move on my part because removing those 6 nuts/lock washers/flat washers allow me and junior to lift the seat off the tracks and remove it from the cabin, probably for the first time in 84 years.  

My seat tracks aren't in as bad condition as I feared.  Some vacuuming and oiling revealed that they slide effortlessly fore/aft.  The rust at the bottom mounting surface isn't pretty but I don't think it's bad enough to seriously weaken them.  I think I'll hold off on replacing them and direct those funds toward headlamp parts.

The floor rot is bad.  Very bad.  But not as bad as I feared.  And, I hesitate to even say it, but the rockers look fantastic.  No sign of rot at all, at least from the outside.  

The front floor is worse and, as jpage says, the driver's side is the worst.  I could probably get by replacing only the front portion of the floor on both sides but I'll see 1) how good the panels from the Plymouth Doctor are and 2) whether it's easier to replace whole sides vs. patching.

With the sun setting and the wind picking up we put the seat back inside the car, rolled it back inside, and packed all the tools and parts in front of it again.  Here's a pic of the driver's side floor.


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The weather here in SE PA has been spectacular for the past few days.  Sunny in the high 70s/mid 80s during the day and drops down to the high 50s/mid 60s at night for good sleeping without A/C.  Low humidity too. Time for some quality D2 time!

My son and i went to the garage on Friday and got right to work replacing all 3 engine mounts.  I thought it would be easy and boy was I wrong!  Those back mounts are a SERIOUS PITA to remove/install.  Removing the lower fasteners is easy but the top ones...  Ugh!  And then when you have all the fasteners removed you can't jack the engine high enough to slide out the mount.  Plus add 80+ years of leaking oil combined with the grit stuck in it.  Some of the mounting nuts had to excavated using a screwdriver before you could get a wrench on them.  I was reminded that a lot of roads weren't paved when this car was new and tarring/chipping them was commonplace.  And it seems like this car was driven over its fair share of sand as well..  Nooks an crannies of the frame were packed with sand and dirt so any movement produced a rain of crap into your face and hair.  LOL

We did get the mounts replaced but it took a lot longer and required a lot more effort than I had anticipated.  

Next up we'll be getting the whole cooling system together so we can run the engine as long as we want to.  I did eventually spring for a cooling system deruster made by Evaporust.  This stuff comes in quart containers and you simply add it to a water-filled system that is in operation.  Testimonialls rave about it and I'm looking forward to seeing what it loosens up.





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I got the front mount, a Mopar NOS part, from forum member Jim (36 D2 coupe) who lives in Canada.  He had a spare one and also a spare coolant distribution tube.  Shipping took forever but the parts were well worth the wait.

I have seen front mounts for sale on ebay but can't remember the details anymore.  IIRC a lot of later mounts are incorrectly listed as being 36 mounts so you have to watch out for that.

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