'28 Chrysler M Engine re-build

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I have a treaded hole in this location on my DA-6 truck. It has a pivot pole for a throttle linkage to my Stewart carb .

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12 hours ago, stakeside said:



Are the mains bearing shells or new Babbit. I was told the old shells could have Babbit added and then line bored. Was this method used?

Yes, we babbitt the steel shells and left .070 thousandths more babbitt then the size of the crankshaft journals, after grinding. Then the inserts are fit, to each saddle, and align bored.



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After clicking a few hundred miles I thought I would do an update on how the engine is running.


Oil pressure is reading between 20(@idle) - 40psi(@30-35mph) when hot, previously

All the cylinders are about 85psi on the compression gauge.

The vacuum gauge reading 19-20, there is a slight mis-fire.

The car has lost some of its vintage characteristics, no smoking and no rattling from the engine.

I can now use the 3 speed gearbox as a 2 speed, 2nd and 3rd only required. It climbs pretty much any hill effortlessly...😀

The balancer has shifted, so my timing marks are useless. The engine paint I used was a cheap brand and is washing off with oil...😕

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