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Now that I have the engine out for rebuilding, what about.....


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I have rebuilt several of these V12 engines ,starting about 1966; there are no"band-aid"  fix,you have to do the whole thing. Have you found

a good machine who is WILLING to do the job? The block should be"cooked out" in a hot tank. Cleaned and magnafluxed for cracks. 

The crank should be also checked and "miked" to see how much it has to be "grounded to cleaned up. If your machine shop is familiar with

flatheads, they will know about this engine. TAG every part as you dismantle . Use tincans  and tags for ALL fasteners. You will forget where

all of these things go. Try to get a hold of a Motors repair manual or a  repair book from one our LZOC venders. If you have never done  an

engine , don't worry. I did my 1st V12 in 1967  and it ran for 30 years , for 3 different owners.  Let us know your progress and send pics and

ask questions

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You'll need to make some decisions on internal mods that no one sees.  Consider grinding the rear oil slinger on the crank and use a Ford seal.  Solid, adjustable lifters?  You'll need cam regrind, a hole drilled in the front pressure relief, and another small hole to lube the front cam gears.  Solid one piece front seal?  Reds headers and dual exhaust?  Aftermarket finned aluminum heads?  New intake with multiple carbs or throttle bodies?  Eliminate distributor with pick-up and computer?  Distributor can also be rebuilt with electronic ignition.  Melling M-15 oil pump and oil pickup tube are also recommended.  Want to use an external fuel pump?  Give serious consideration to a PCV valve, stock engine has no crankcase ventilation.  You can also add a full flow oil filter.  Will you want power steering and air conditioning?  Want a serpentine fan belt?  Or if the car sits in a museum and gets trailered to shows, keep everything original.


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Thanks guys, the engine is being done my Mark Wustrack of JK Automotive in Madison WI.  He is extremely knowledgeable on these engines with a sterling reputation.  I feel I'm in good hands and he is boiling the the block and then we'll take it from there.  Come Spring, I'm DRIVING this car. :-)

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I really appreciate all the engine rebuild advice.

Could someone advise me as to how much an H series V 12 cast iron head can be milled to get it truly flat? Is there a place to measure in case the head was previously milled? Any guidance and/or advice is much appreciated.

I’m refreshing a prewar V12. All looks good except for head warpage.

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