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Clark (Firestone?) Wheels?

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I am looking at buying a set of 16" ford pattern wheels made by Clark.  I was told they made wheels for firestone.  I picked up a firestone hubcap but the hole in the wheel is larger than the hub cap.  Would like to learn more and learn what a set of 5 might be worth.




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Deep in my currently did- organised files I have a catalog for Clark cast truck wheels; hard rubber tires ,circa late teens.  Not sure if this would be the same company.

 Your wheels look very interesting, cast centres riveted to rolled rims, a very unusual construction method.

  Lots of aftermarket "custom" wheels were made this way in the late 60's onward ; sometimes welded rather than riveted , but I don't recall seeing any this old before. Judging by the lack of response I would assume they are quite rare.


Greg in Canada

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I looked up a couple of the patent numbers on-line and they refer to the design of and the material used to make the "spider"

part of the wheel assembly.  It appears that engineers working for Clark obtained some of these patents.  So, it looks like the

centers were made by Clark, but I don't know about the rims.  Either Clark bought the rims and attached their centers or the

rim manufacturer bought the centers and attached them to their rims.

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I agree wlDavis..


A TON of pre-war era hits on freepatentsonline.com using the search term "clark equipment metallic wheel" ...I'm sure that will lead to more answers if anyone has the time to search for it.


I noticed most of the legal docs had listed the city as "Buchanan" with only one N.

Meaningless really but I thought it was interesting for such legal docs to ALL have such a major typo. Maybe a local MI state historian can shed some light on the spelling ? lol


You'll notice Frederick W Burger was the main inventor of most of the Clark Equip Co. wheel items so that may also be an avenue to help in your search.

Good luck, keep us posted.

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