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Auto Lifts for 1920's Kissel Kars

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       In Pontiac Michigan, a young developer has built on of the US's few "Car Condominiums" -  approximately 250 units, 500 SF to 2,500 SF in footprint, heated and conditioned finished garages which can hold 1 to 10 cars. These can be optioned-up, man-cave style, to add mezzanines, kitchens, bars, and lifts. The development snakes around a brand new 1.5 mile performance race track. The first three phases sold out. I bought one of the first 2000SF unit and started dressing it up. Most all the other owners are Lamborghinni, Ferrarri, Porsche, Hellcat, and Viper guys, but there are two of us Classic guys there to "add class".

       I installed three ARESCO vehical lifts abreast in order to store 9 cars. six on the back wall, three in front. Aresco make 79" clear height lifts which accommodate Kissels with 73" heights. (Most lifts are shorter). I don't know if any of you use lifts but this application is unique. I'm certain that there have never been 5 Kissel Kars and one rogue Chevy displayed this way!






Six Kissels in Garage.JPG

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I don't know if I would recommend doing that here in Califunny, however. We like to "rock and roll" a little too much.

And I love all those Kissel cars! (Or do you prefer Kars?) The Chevy ain't half bad either.

I often wonder what happened to the Kissel I looked into buying over 25 years ago. I hope it found a nice safe place to hide.

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Gold bugs are the coolest.  Could you post a few more angles? Do you have running water?  Bathroom?  Office space?  Color me jealous.  I wish someone would do something like that around here.  I've seen some garage condos available but not in a decent size.  Might make more sense than building a 4k foot barn though.

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Here are a few pictures. One is taken from the mezzanine looking out over the race track towards several other of the Car Condominiums that surround the track. Another picture shows the mezzanine and a bit of the bathroom on the Mezzanine.

Googole "M1 Concourse" and you will get all the info you need.

Thanks, RON



IMG_2541 [1023526].JPG

IMG_2542 [1023527].JPG

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2 hours ago, alsancle said:

Very nice.  What are the rules for using the track?  I assume you can't go tooling out there any time you want?

Track membership is an up-option for Condominium owners. Since I didn't plan on performance testing my Kissels quite so much, I didn't buy that option. For those who did, you schedule the track with the managers. They schedule multiple participants so that cars and drivers with similar lap times use the track together. They said that the antique guys, if we wanted, would be scheduled separately so that we wouldn't be hazards. My Gold Bug has been invited a few times, but I've not gotten up enough courage yet.

Note. Cars reach 150 MPH on the outer straightaway just outside my unit. Often they are sideways coming out of the turn to the right of my unit. Loud and breathtaking.

Ron Hausmann P.E.

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45 minutes ago, RansomEli said:

Really cool. Are you allowed to work on the cars inside your garage?

   Yes you can do work there. You own these. But because nearly all of these are brand new "man-caves" I have opted NOT to do full restorations (messy, rusty) there, but just vehical maintenance.


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