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1928 Buick Pick Up Truck back on the road

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It has been a long but very enjoyable re-build, and all worth it yesterday when we drove the Buick on the road for the first time since 1955, or 1935 depending how you define 'on the road'. It spent 20 years from 1935 towing a gang mower on a golf course. https://1928buick.wordpress.com/00-latest-update-november-2016-on-the-road/


Many thanks for all your help and advice on this forum.


craigs photos (38).JPG

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Nice work.  It is always nice to see   something like this brought back from where it was.  When you think about it, this vehicle most likely will remain for the rest of its existence is the condition you have brought it to.  Barring any catastrophe, it will not end up in a shed like you found it again.


Happy motoring,

Glenn Manes

Wheat Ridge CO

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