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33-34 Dodge truck and car doors

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My sympathies to you and Christiane.  Having been there before you moved I know that must have been a chore!  On the doors, the 33 doors at the A-pillar are more vertical than the 34 doors.  33 four door sedan doors will fit a 33 or 34 panel truck (not sure about a commercial sedan, never had one of those).  You can use 33 car doors on an express (pickup) but you have to modify the upper rear corner at the B-pillar.  The pickup door is rounded off while the coupe and sedan doors are squared off.  Will shoot you some pictures later today, I just happen to have a bunch of doors out in my garage.  SMB

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Thanks, Scott.

Only took 11 months to move.

Have a customer with a 34 Dodge coupe that needs a drivers door. He said that he is a fabricator and would take anything that closely resembles the fit.

Here is his car.

Will a 34 DR head work on a 33 Plymouth? My Hollender book says no.





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Here are a couple of comparison pictures.  The door in primer is a 33, the other one a 34.  While they are both 31" across at the center of the belt line, the 34 has much more slope to it than the 33 at the A-pillar.  At the rear lower corner, the 34 is a thicker door.  The last picture shows the top rear corner of a pickup door (which I have always believed were the same 33-34-first series 35 in the truck line) and you can see it is rounded off.  Probably not too hard to modify from a passenger car door, as long as it was also a 33.  Hope this helps.  SMB

P.S. I still need some front door window garnishes for my 34 PE if you find any.  Thanks.   




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