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1934 Buick Sedan Model 57

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1934 Buick model 57

new gas tank and sending unit

4 new tires and tubes

runs great

chrome all good

heater is there just disconnected

radio controls on dash , I have 3 radios but not installed

was restored 6 years ago

look at pictures to see condition 

car is located in Clinton Township Michigan

27,000.00  OBO
















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 You will find Lloyd's work a major improvement in your ability to handle normal traffic and hills, but also to cruise at highway speeds.


I was able to drive mine as a 5-speed (just for fun).

What was a 4.88:1 ratio

becomes 3.416 

thanks to an overdrive unit reduction to 70%

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WOW,WOW,WOW! I just drove this car for the first time (other than 1block to put it away) What a sweet car! Tested out my new Lloyd Young  o.d. and the car feels right at 60!!Smooth ,quiet, easy. To steer. Thanx Bob &Thanx Lloyd! Hope to put many miles on this summer. Tom

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Just be very careful , Tom. That ol' deathtrap does not have the handling , dynamic stability , or brakes to get out of the typical 60 mph incident we all can encounter at any time. It all happens in an instant. Lord : have mercy if you actually bang it. There is no safety engineering whatsoever in these crates. Most folks were not rip roaring around at 60 in the days of the birth of your car. Many guys use O.D. to just keep revs down at previous cruise speed. That said , there is obviously a safety factor in being able to go 60 if you absolutely HAVE TO. I have had to get my '27 Cadilllac up there for very short periods when not doing so would be a greater risk. I took the very first opportunity to get it back to its design high speed cruise velocity. 40 - 45. Please take it easy , Tom. We all look forward to seeing you and your Buick around for a long , long time ! I enjoy driving fast in my fast cars , and slowly in my slow cars. To your health !  - Carl

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I put the overdrive in our 38 Special about 4000 miles ago. I live in Las Vegas and had to ship the torque tube and ring and pinion to Lloyd Young back east. He did a great job on his end. It was the first thing I did to my car and also easily the best thing I did. In my case I loved the car but probably would not have kept it without the overdrive addition. Now its a keeper and I have turned down some incredible offers. If you want to read more on this modification go to the pre war Buick site and look for "THE OVERDRIVE MOD BEGINS"

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