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1975 MGB - Horn

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Had the same problem when I did mine. Never did get the replacement horns to work, the new horns did nothing, the old horns at least clicked. Had soaked the innards of the original horns with WD40 before getting new horns, when the new horns did nothing I put an old horn back in to figure out why the new horns would work off the battery but not the button and the old horn started working, cleaned up the second horn and returned the new.


Don't know about all horns, got generic 12v off the shelf at the local store and they wanted more current than the MG horns. 

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If soaking doesn't get the old horns going you can always add a relay to the horn circuit and use new horns that work with real electricity.

If you plan to do any amount of night driving I do recommend adding a relay to the headlight circuit. That joke about Lucas inventing the electric dark isn't quite as funny when your light switch melts down in the middle of the night.

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