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Fan Belt Recommendation Needed, 1941 Buick Model 70 Roadmaster

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I have a 1941 Buick, Model 71 Roadmaster 4-door sedan. My fan belt is getting old and noisy and needs to be replaced.

The correct belt appears to be the Gates Vulco no. 625 (I have an old NORS that is a bit dry). The belt on the car now is

a Green Stripe 625. It also has the number 384D on it. The belt is 52" long (outside) and 7/8" wide (outside) and about 3/4" wide on the inside.


My local parts man ordered me a belt. He gave me a 48" belt, even though I told him 52". It was also slightly narrow (about 1/8" narrower).

I tried it anyway at his suggestion. I could not even get it over the crank and fan pulleys, never mind the generator.

He now wants to order me a 52" belt that will also be narrow. I did not notice if the first belt he gave me held against the walls of the

pulley or bottomed out. 


So, is there a modern equivalent of the 625 that will work? Is a 3/4" belt going to work or will it slide down and

not have enough surface on the sides to drive the pulley?

If anyone has replaced this belt and has some modern numbers and brand that would be appreciated.


PS - The major old Buick parts houses don't seem to list the width of the belts. They also charge much more than my local guy.

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I got one from Bob's a few months ago, and it fit perfect. Its' tight squeeze to get the thick belt over the pulley, but it worked. The small series engine takes a belt that is just a bit smaller, which is likely what the other place got you. Its' close, but a no go on the big engine.


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I eventually got a belt from V-Belt Global Supply as recommended above by "sixseven".

The belt arrived within a week. It was folded a few times and in a bag. It unfolded easily.

The belt is new, the correct size and style, and supple. I installed it easily and the car is working nicely with

no more belt noise. The old one is in the trunk as a spare.

The correct belt at V-Belt is the "C48 V-Belt".

The cost, with shipping to RI, was $18.46. 

I agree that Bob's is a good option because you don't have to choose the belt by dimensions.

My only problem was the cost. It would have been $52.45 with shipping and residential delivery. I still

would not have qualified for the $40 minimum order so I would have to get something else also.


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