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1968 Camaro (not for sale - just sharing)


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Yesterday while at my garage I hear and see this nice black car pull into the other driveway.



Couldn't resist sharing as the owner is a close friend of my son since public school. 

He found this car when he was 18 and decided with a father and uncle in the car repair/restore and sales business he wanted to do this up at the very start. As you can see it is really straight and with a cam in it, sounds about right! :D

He has owned it now for 13 years and says maybe he has put only about 6,000 miles on it.

It is no trailer or trophy queen for him but enjoys it when he can.



I had to laugh when he told a story of being at a local car show and some "young guys" (he is only 31 himself) stayed around till he started up the car to leave. One of them commented that it seemed to be running rough and asked did it need to be rebuilt? <_< 

He just had this big grin on his face and then said to me, "You know, that young ricer crowd". :lol:




Don't think he ever plans on selling it being his first car.

Oh, and you should see his two car garage.

My kinda kid.




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