Pair of 1948 Pontiac Woodie projects for sale in CA.

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 I have a pair of 1948 Pontiac Woodie projects for sale in CA.

 One (the red one) was running & driving a year or so ago, see pics.

 They both need complete restoration, as you can see from the pics.

 The red one was converted into a pickup (not very well!!), but it can be converted back.

 I have many really good or NOS parts to go with them.

 Will separate or sell as a package

 If any interest, I am looking in the area of $5K each, OBO.

 Call me at 661 766 9141, email me at mikesoldecars@yahoo.com, or reply here, your choice.

CIMG0294.JPGCIMG0290.JPG3-29-12 B.JPG3-30-12 D.JPG3-30-12 C.JPG3-30-12 A.JPG3-30-12 B.JPG3-22-12 B.JPG3-22-12 C.JPG3-22-12 D.JPG3-22-12 E.JPG3-24-12 A.JPG3-24-12 E.JPG3-24-12 G.JPGIMG_4706.JPG

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