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Want a joke, or a scam?


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Go to http://www.ebay.com/itm/152294065789?forcerRptr=true&item=152294065789&viewitem= . He has a VERY RARE HIGH PERFORMANCE MITSUBISHI 3.0 V6 TURBO MODEL -. Never saw one of those turbo v-6's.  Go thru the pictures until you come to the engine. Looks like a Oldsmobile or other GM engine. And rear wheel drive! The paint on the engine-pictured car is Maroon, but the car offered is white!!!


This guy should be a science fiction writer.  Or a used car salesman. ( he probably is!!)

scam engine.jpg

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The red air horns are absolutely fantastic and the ABS system is super kosher for that car. Hey I have that same air cleaner on my 1992 Daytona too!


The turbo is under the smog pump just like my car. I did notice that the power steering cap is not an OEM Mopar part.



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I wrote to him and he replied


New message from: cheyenneman1 (639)


thank you, you are 100% correct - I am also listing a Cadillac,and messed up and inserted the wrong one .....

Your previous message

try taking a picture of the engine..the one you have is not from that car

1990 Chrysler T&C MASERATI


Current Bid: $610.00
Auction ends Nov 01, 2016 15:37 PDT
Bids: 2


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While Chrysler did in fact play around with turboing the 3.0 (and it does work VERY well), it never made production. Rick Diogo had a few of the prototype engines many many years ago. I know for fact that 2 ran and drove in a car (1 got blown up). I don't know if any ever ended up in a TC. There were reports of about 5 that made it out to the general public.

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