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wanted: broken V8 timing chain cover


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i need a broken (or actualy just piece of) timeing chain cover for a Packard V8. the eccentric that drives the fuel pump is lubed by a hole in the timeing GEAR and gets a squirt once every revolution of the CAM, thats once every 2 (two) revs of the crank. The squirt occurs directly a 6'oclock position of the cam gear. My concern is with the retro-fit arm that drives the retro (or replacement ) fule pumps. it appears that the retro arm tends to drive from the SIDE of the eccentric rather than on the very bottom like the lever of the original that is shown in the book. if its off to the side (enuf) then it is possible that it does not get as much oil. <P>The idea here is to have just enuf front cover so that i can bolt the pump to it (i have BOTH style pumps already) and and able to get at least 2 cover bolts in it to afix it to the block so i can check the position of the various arms.<P>i also have setting rite here next to the couch an 88 ford ranger pickup truck gas tank float. when i get a chance i'll compare it to a spare (and damaged) 56 Exec float i have and report back. this float looks just like many i have seen in AMC and Jeep products as well as fords. if anyone want s the dimensions from it let me know and i will post them.

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