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Drop Frame question


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A tech question hoping someone here may be able to add to this? The double-drop chassis frame design has been a standard part of vehicle technology since the 1930s but dates back much earlier. Supposedly, the world's first car to use it was the 1907 Imperial (not Chrysler) from Williamsport, PA. But prior to that, there was the single-drop design which the 1905 Peerless is credited again in the USA. I found an earlier version with the UK 1904 Wilson-Pilcher. Does anyone know of even an earlier version of the single (or even double) drop frame?


1904 wilson-pilcher.png

1904 wilson-pilcher 1.png

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I have a feeling the drop frame concept predates automobiles. I am reasonably sure it was a feature of some horse drawn vehicles {formal carriages] going way back. Big wheels, but a low entry height. Quite a few of the very early European automobiles have the basic design of a carriage with an engine and drive arrangement added. So I suspect some research would show at least a few with drop frames.  Many of these early frames were tubular steel, so providing them with a drop is quite simple. Chanel steel frames are harder to form in a drop configuration so once they began to displace tube frames most were of a simple single plane , rectangular shape.

Greg in Canada

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