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Fageol Truck information needed

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I have run across the remains of, what appears to be, a late teens - early 20's Fageol truck.  The truck appears to be likely a 3/4 ton with wood spoke wheels, a 4 cylinder engine and about 120" wheelbase (guessing).  I wish I would have pictures to share but at this moment, I do not.  Does anyone here have information on this vintage Fageol truck and willing to post a few pictures, either of a restored truck or pictures from original literature?  I would also like to know who built the engine and other mechanical items.  Any specifications would be good knowledge.  This truck was never cut up into something else.  It just appears to have died of natural causes and left to rot....which it has done to very nicely to date.  The motor is not repairable and would need replacement.  I do have a valid option to purchase, but before I take on a big mess, I would like to know more about Fageol trucks.     :shrug:

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