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FB Sites for Dodge Brothers enthusiasts


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On ‎10‎/‎21‎/‎2016 at 3:32 PM, dc-8dave said:

Hello Rod,

                  What in the hell is FB?     Could you use English so everyone can understand what you are talking about?


Hi David,


I wonder if all Dave's are this cantankerous ? lol - I know I am..


Although I know full well what face book is (as I've seen it destroy too many relationships), I've never joined due to it's obvious intrusive nature. If it can't be emailed or if we can't talk about it on the phone then I'll just have to miss the boat... I'm hoping by the time I retire in 20 years it will be a thing of the past...



  I would imagine it's a very useful tool for a car guy who trust's it while exchanging info, question is, ,, don't we already have that capability on sites like this ? I don't get why so many want to use multiple avenues for discussion and sharing of information when it's all on AACA and DBC ? Seems like it complicates things more than they need to be. I realize some see it as more secure, I don't happen to partner with that thinking.


 It seems learning diversification is trending more and more via multi task encouragement from every angle, which is a good think granted but,  I multi task at work enough as it is and the hobby is a way to wind down and not have to jump around from site to site...


My hats off to you gents that can keep up with it all and, have the huevos to trust such sites.

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30DP, the reason I won't join FB is a friend sent me a formal request to join to look at pictures he had posted. Now he has my email and could have sent them to me but he chose to post them so the whole world could see them. Problem is in the formal request to join from FB it listed " 6 other people that are on FB that I know." This friend didn't know any of them so he didn't list them. All the names and email addresses were in MY email address book. SO that means when I opened the FB request it had access to my whole address book. F THAT!!

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