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1918 Chandlers


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Please give a shout-out to my friend Neal James, who has a 1918 Chandler Six in Idaho, needing a few parts here and there. For starters, it doesn't have a carburetor. I heard a Rayfield may be correct. I showed him the Chandler-Cleveland Forum this week and maybe he'll read this.


----Jeff Brown

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Hey Carb King,  maybe you can help me.  I have a 1929 Chandler Royal 8, model 85, with a Schebler S-3 carb on it.  Do you have a means of telling what carburetor this vehicle is supposed to have on it?  I am having a hell of of time setting the Schebler to run nicely.  I do have the Chandler owners manual and it does show a Schebler, without mentioning which one, and goes into excellent detail about tuning it, but I just have to wonder if the S-3 is too large for the engine.  No matter what I do, I can't seem to get rid of the flat spot just off of idle.  She runs down the road fine and idles down well, but sucks air and bucks on takeoff.  Any guidance would be appreciated.

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Actually, no, my references are mixed to missing on this model.


Information I have:


The Schebler books (I have several versions, all going back several years, with the latest printing in 1931) do not mention the Chandler Royal 85.


An aftermarket book "Specifications of American Cars 1920-1929" state the 1929 Chandler Royal 85 was a 340 CID 8 using a Schebler.  Which Schebler is not mentioned, and I have found numerous errors in this book.


The 8th Edition of Hollanders (I believe the first issue of Hollanders to list carburetors) lists the 1929 75 and 85 as using the Tillotson V-3A. Early Hollander carburetor information is not overly reliable either.


The Tillotson factory master book lists the V-3A as being used on the model 75; but no mention of the model 85. Since the 75 is a significantly smaller engine; using the same carb on both is not overly realistic.


Now, speculation:


Assuming the 340 CID is correct for the model 85, then a Schebler model S-3 (nominal 1 1/2 inch carb) sounds reasonable, as the next largest Chandler would be the model 35 which Schebler shows as a 331 CID using a Schebler S-3 model SX-304.


Schebler model S carburetors are identified with a stamped (not raised) SX (not SV) number. This number will be stamped on a horizonal "boss" located approximately midway from top to bottom on the end of the model S opposite of the airvalve. If you will post this number, I can determine if I have information regarding the unit.


Often, a stall off of idle as you describe, can be attributed to a weak airvalve spring. Since I don't know what you have, I cannot offer a rebuilding kit with the correct spring ;)


However, you might try removing the lower plug for the airvalve spring, and inserting a washer under the spring. This should have the effect of a stronger spring, and may alleviate your stall. 


Please post the number on the end of your Schebler, and good luck with the adjustment.



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Jon.  The engine is in fact 340 ci.   This car was called the Model 137 Royal 8 in 1928.  I have both a 28 and a 29 and they are identical and both have the S-3 carb, model SX-302.  Only one of these cars is operational.  Your tip about shimming the air valve spring sounds excellent.  I would certainly be open to putting a different/"better" unit on her.  Let me know if you can come up with any parts for the SX-302.   I have been searching for another complete S-3 without any luck, as I have the other car's engine almost completed now.  Much appreciated.


Dave Young in Mays Landing, NJ

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Schebler lists the SX-302 as:

(1) 1928 Chandler model 137

(2) Universal replacement model


What does this mean? I don't know. Speculating, possibly Schebler built more of the SX-302 than Chandler purchased (I believe Chandler discontinued production in mid-1929) and offered the rest as universal replacement carburetors???


Also, again speculating, since the 137 is the same 340 CID engine as the Royal model 85 of 1929, it is very possible, even probable, that the SX-302 was held over from 1928 to 1929, and Chandler did not tell Schebler with the scrambling being done by the automotive companies at this time.


I did have a wee bit more information in my database on Chandler that I have now uploaded to the website:




And as you may have been told, Schebler is not my favorite brand of carburetor (it probably doesn't make the top 50!). While originality is very important when showing cars; if it were mine, and I wanted to tour with the car, or even drive it locally, I would replace it with an equivilent Carter 289s, Stromberg SF-3 or Zenith 63AW12.


I do make kits for the SX-302.



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