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1930 Buick 60 series radiator - Needs a rebuild.


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Hey guys,


After finally getting my thermostat rebuilt, I installed the radiator in my 1930 60 series Victoria Coupe in an attempt to start the engine after many years of sitting.  Unfortunately I did not get far into the process as the radiator leaks like a sieve, and will need to be rebuilt / re-cored.  The core that is in it now is not the original honeycomb style and is a replacement from sometime in the past.  Can anyone recommend a good shop where I can send this to?  The tanks are less than perfect, so if there is anyone out there who has a good rebuild-able spare radiator for a 1930 please let me know.  The correct number on the upper tank for the 50 and 60 series radiator for 1930 would be "3022".  I currently have a spare radiator for a 1930 40 series and the tank is numbered "3021".




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2 hours ago, gfw2 said:


Thanks for the heads-up on that George.  Unfortunately the number 3021 on the upper tank near the thermostat indicates it is for a 40 series.  Seems like a reasonable price for someone needing a 40 series radiator though as it includes the radiator, thermostat and shell.

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Hi Mike sorry about the delay in getting back. The radiator does not want to come out of it's shell. Seems to be stuck around the pines thermostat soaking the threaded shaft now maybe i have missed a some other attachment point. Its loose at the bottom  but not at the top. Sadly i found two cracks on the top tank. Best guess is there are more on the back in the same area.I dont know how bad your tanks are this is what mine are like.






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Thank you for taking the time to look at your radiator for me.  You are right, the tanks are worse than the one I currently have.  Fortunately a couple of days ago I was able to find a correct radiator for the 1930 60 series with a better top tank than mine, so between the two of them there are enough good parts to send out to The Brassworks and have one rebuilt.  Those guys are very expensive but I think that is my best option at this point.  I really do appreciate all your help.

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Well after a six month wait, I received my radiator back from The Brassworks this week and it is a work of art.  Completely restored to a high standard of quality.  I went with the correct honeycomb core rather than a modern tube and fin design.  The radiator ran right around $3K with shipping there and back.  I sent them two original radiators and they combined the best parts of each with a new core obtained from England.  Very happy with the result, but I had to sell my firstborn to cover the bill.


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