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1930 Buick series 40 Wood

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Hello Dwight. I could use patterns for the rear window area, left side and quarter window area. Also the rear and front roof support beams. The ones that the wood slats attach to and also join the frame. if you can help it would be much appreciated. 


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Dwight that would be fine and thanks!  Sergio I can't help as I have only 4 but let me look through some of my emails. I may have someone who may have them. I know he has the spoked wheels.  Sergio look at a post called Misc Early Buick Parts, he may have them  or try mdanzig@windstream.net. He has wheels not sure on the caps. 

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Hello all,

Im new to this group and I see this is quite an old post but I have the same question as Tom, I have a 1930 Buick 47 4 Door Sedan.

it is a solid car mechanically engine still runs steel bodywork is structurally ok for its age but the wooden bodywork is rotten, I’m very interested to see how Tom got on with this project.? Or if anyone has any plans or drawings of the wooden bodywork 

Thanks regards Brett.


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