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1964 Buick Riviera - $1250


Sorry no engine or transmission. Most sheet metal is good
except floors. Has seats and all sheet metal and bumpers..
Great parts car, or project . Not titled.
Asking only $1,250.
Call me. I do not answer texts!!!!


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Yep - particularly since there is no such thing as a Stage 1 1972 Riviera . 


ROA 14549

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2 hours ago, kreed said:

Yep - particularly since there is no such thing as a Stage 1 1972 Riviera . 


ROA 14549


I talked to this owner shortly after he bought it last year and told him there was no such thing, I guess he did not believe me since he is still advertising it as a Stage 1?

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3 hours ago, Pat Curran said:

That is a nice looking car.  White was the most popular color in 1965.  Probably not many left with original paint.  It will be interesting to see what it bids up to.

Asking price on CL last August when it was first listed was $44k, and I think it was relisted at a lower price but I can't remember for sure. 


Current owner (Larry) buys and sells some real nice Buicks.  He just sold a sandpiper beige 71 Riv GS on ebay a week or so ago that was also mentioned on this forum. 

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1965 Riviera for sale in Fayetteville, North Carolina 

Be advised, I am posting this car to advertise that it is for sale. It isn't perfect. Please refrain from nitpicking and commenting on its many flaws. They are plainly evident. 


I saw a 1965 Riv sitting in a Burger King parking lot on my way home from work today. I turned around and came back to look at it. You just don't see many First Gen Rivs in Fayetteville. I went inside and found the owner. I introduced myself to him and told him I am a Riviera owner also. 

He said he has owned this 65 and a 64 for the past few years and both are for sale. 

The owner says he wants $20k for the 65. The 64 is at I95 Muscle classic car consignment lot in Hope Mills, NC. (the same place I sold my 69 Caprice). It should be easily found online. 

I will do my best to describe the 65 without sounding too negative about it. 


The 65 is white with carbon fiber tape adhered to the flanks. It has a 425 with dual quad carbs and the air filter sticking up through the hood. 


The hood ornament is missing. The owner says that the car runs strong, bordering on "too powerful". I forgot to ask him about the mileage on the car. 

The shifter knob was recently stolen, also. 




He states the car has been sitting for the past year. The engine bay and interior are VERY dirty and could benefit from a thorough cleaning. 


The current seats are from late model vehicles. It was mentioned that the front seats were from a "Pontiac (model unknown).





They are powered. The rear seat is from an unknown BMW which has been modified to fit in the back. 

The owner also installed a" kill switch" in the rearward center console. He said it is a theft deterrent. 


Besides the odd carbon fiber tape the exterior paint job is not a very good one with several runs observed on the driver side alone.

No significant rust bubbling or damage was noted.


I did get to hear the car run briefly. It started easily and has a healthy rumble. 

20180627_165930.thumb.jpg.8b128e263a3eb1dd62e6ab570d4ea432.jpg20180627_165905.thumb.jpg.bc88611e39372cb0cb48dc11294f3dd5.jpgPersonally I don't feel the owners price expectations are realistic for the current condition of the car, even if it were to be thoroughly detailed. 

If anyone is seriously interested in this car I will be glad to test drive it and look at the trunk and undersides closer. (neither were looked at by myself today). 


I have the owners name and phone number. Message me if you want to contact him and I will give you his contact info. 




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