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Autocar Type VIII 1903,1904,1905 project. Only $11,900. See info/photos

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Only $11,900. 1903-105 Autocar Type VIII made up or assembled car.Please share with your Autocar friends. Probably built by Bellms Museum or Walt Bellm,in the 1950s or 1960s. Prior owner had a 1965 title to the car from Bellms. Clear Florida title now. I had an owner of several 1903-10 Autocars view the 60 photos that I took of the car. They are available to serious buyers by email. He said BASED ON THE PHOTOS the front axle and springs,including the aftermarket add on coils springs are Autocar. The transmission and cone clutch is Autocar. The rear axle,and brakes are Autocar. The rear springs are not Autocar. The wheels and hubs are probably Autocar. Has a set of early Autocar hubcaps. The fenders and hood are early but not Autocar.The body is made up,and the seat riser has or had termites!  Seat itself and wood frame looks OK. There may be Autocar frame pieces on the wood frame the Autocar owner believes. The steering column may have been made from an Autocar one,but is modified with a rack and pinion steering.(Yes pedals are on the wrong side of the car from a stock Autocar) The motor is a very rare circa 1906 to 1908 two cylinder watercooled approx. 12 HP Brennan of Syracuse,N.Y. I am an expert on Early Brennan engines which were built for you to power your own car or replace your factory motor with. Serial number 2518 stamped on the brass Brennan data plate. Motor is worth several thousand dollars by itself. Does not run,and is stuck,but is beautiful and appears complete though. The radiator and drive shaft were stolen from the prior owner. What you see is what you get. Sold as is. I do not guarantee the above to be correct,only a friends opinion. No extra parts. Restore as a brass era assembled car,or remove the VERY valuable and desirable 1903-05 Autocar parts. Stored in Ocala,Fla. Can store for 60 days once fully paid for. George Albright,Ocala,Fla.  email for questions or photos: gnalbright@gmail.com  cell weekdays 10-4 EST best  352 843 1624













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