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Bench racing, anyone?


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Hi all! Sorry I haven't posted in a while. For those interested, I still haven't restarted my Panther project due to lack of time & $$$. However, that hasn't kept me from thinking about my project and Packards in general. Which reminded me that if one can't really race (or work on car projects), then the next best thing is "bench racing" or maybe a "bench engine project". <P>Anyway, what I have in mind is "bench race" building a 1957 or later Packard V-8. We're all probably aware that the 1957 prototype "Black Bess" supposedly has a 440CID Packard engine, but I've read little about it other than it had "about 300 HP".<P>I have a lot of theoretical data at hand, a good engine dyno computer simulation program plus a lot of reliable data on the very similiar Pontiac V-8, so we should be able to try out some interesting things as make believe Packard "Engine--eers". <P>Anyone game?

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