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Model 20 Carbide Generator


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I'm wondering where to mount a carbide generator on my Model 20 Torpedo. It has gas lamps, so I assume it had something to supply the gas, but no place to put a generator that doesn't get hit by the doors. Did they use a Prest-O-Lite tank that fir underneath the doors?



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Hi Phil,


My torpedo hasn't got a generator yet but I have a photo of the generator mounted on the other torpedo here in Australia.  




As you can see, the door would hit it.  This car is a very early restoration (1950's). Looking closely at the photos, I think when rebuilding the body they didn't even put a door on the drivers side (can't see a hinge).  This was the first car I ever drove (when about 10!) and also drove it 10 years ago. As most cars of that era are difficult to enter through the drivers side (due to brake and gear levers, spare tires etc.) I don't recall noticing that being unusual.  This car also has what I believe to be an unusual feature for a torpedo in that the fuel (gas) cap protrudes through the body work so you don't have to lift the boot (trunk lid) to access.


Here is a photo of another car which is not a torpedo but is similar in terms of scuttle and doors (but it doesn't have the rounded back - just an exposed fuel tank like the runabouts).  I'm not sure what this body type is called.  Again generator is mounted on drivers side running board - this car may not have a drivers side door either - I can't tell.


The only period picture I have seen of a torpedo doesn't show any generator and I think the lighting shown may be electric?


Another period photo - not a torpedo but it does have doors and again has the tower style carbide generator. Interestingly the style of front guards the car has allows the generator to be mounted well forward of the door but the horn tubing looks like it would prevent the door opening.


Heres one without doors but showing a Prest-o-lite


I would love to see some detailed pics of your torpedo - there don't seem to be too many around.













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