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WOW !!! 1951 Kaiser Frazer 511 Speacial Business Coupe

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20160924_171812_resized_1 (1).jpg Up for sale is a 511 Darrin Special Business Coupe, 1 out of 1,170 built in late 1951 in one run at the end of the production year. All were Cardinal Red, this one has a dealer installed radio heat. The interior has been modernized to a leatherette from cloth seats burlap backseat stowaway and is powered by the Supersonic 6 that runs out well. It is an older restoration showing signs of wear and patina but, the car is in overall great condition.

Asking price. 38,000.00


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It went something like,  If you're out on beach and spot a great big box and it's within your reach,  don't ever open it up and look inside because you'll never get rid of the (sound effect Boom boom boom) no matter what you do.   or something like that.  

*Warning*  It's one of those songs that gets stuck in your head. 

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Parts on some Oldsmobile Buck Cadillac Chevy Pontiac and even GMC vehicles have just GM on them.  They aren't referred to as a GM though.  Like this wouldn't be considered a Kaiser frazer.  It might be a product of Kaiser Frazer but not a Kaiser frazer.  It's a Kaiser.

Mopar and FOMOCO are the same deal. 

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I did notice that the seller, like all of us, has listed his price as "asking price".  We all do the same thing, when considering a sell, we have to start somewhere and know that the actual sell price will be something else.  The Kaiser is a very nice representative example of a low production maker.  I know nothing of this make and model, but if you compare this automobile against a nice clean Ford, Chev, Dodge....what would you expect to pay?  Probably a price near the mid 20's or a smidge lower.  (I assume that the Kaiser was in competition with the Ford's, Chev's. and etc).  The seller will probably find a spot where he is satisfied with the money offered and make a sell.  I wish him well with his sale....what ever the end price is.  Nice car and thanks for having the desire to post it here.

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