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What kind of car is this?

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This car has an eight digit chassis number. The 1919 Buick chassis number has only six digits. Ditto for Dodge and Studebaker. That 'X brace' across the firewall of the cowl must be a clue, maybe someone has seen it in an engine shot somewhere.

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I don't believe it is Buick. Some similarities but lots of differences .  As to value, I would think it's one step from scrap. Probably a couple of hundred $.  I bought a 1919 McLaughlin 6-45 { apart from a few details the same car as a Buick 6-45} parts car in better condition/ more complete, a few years back for $300.00. And it had several items I needed for my 1918 6-45.

Greg in Canada

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I have a 23 Hupp Model R-12 touring, and it is significantly different from the car you have found. See photo, and notice the rounded cowl (not flat at bottom of windshield), etc.  Earlier Hupps may have been entirely different. 


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