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Model 20 Problems


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G,day Huppers. When touring in the 20 after standing overnight the engine would be stuck and needed to break free by jumping on the crank handle. Having run low in water to the point of blowing dry steam I decided to take off the cylinders to look for cracks Well there were no cracks and even with the cylinders removed the crankshaft would not turn .By now you guessed  the magneto varnish is Kaput  the heat of the days tour makes it tacky and the night air locks it solid. I replaced the mag with a low tension mag built from a du4  and using an external coil which can use Batt curent to start. All works well . Now to the boiling. Mod 20 owners know that they are prone to boil in hilly country which is a pest. They will cool down on the other side if there is any water left to cool. The electric fan  that we fitted some time ago does stirling work in traffic but helps little out on the open road. Fitting a 12 volt electric water pump has eliminated the heat problem and with the pump turned off there is still enough thermo syphen to run about 15 Klm before the mercury reaches the top of the circle of the motometer. Turning on the pump and in about one Klm the mercury has retreated out of sight. Pump and fan together draw 9.9 amps so a mini altenator from a kabota garden tractor with 14 amps capacity and driven from a pully fixed over the cranking dog nut keeps the  battery up  Now with the pump running full time the engine runs too cool and a  variable resistance may be the  answer the better to regulate the temp... Our Aust. NewZealand Hup tour was a  success with 22 Hupmobiles on the road each day

Max BURKE Nulkaba 2325 Australia

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