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WTD at Hershey Space CT56,1895-1910 cars,parts,see list.

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I will be at Hershey Tuesday morning thru Thursday at 5 PM only. If not at my space Chocolate field,space CT 56,please call my cell. 352 843 1624. Leads appreciated if you see any of these items,or you brought these items. Thanks,George Albright, email:  gnalbright@gmail.com    WANTED: 1895-1910 cars,parts,engines,chassis,trans,wheels,bodies,etc. Early engines including 1900 Orient engines and bicycles,De Dion Bouton,Aster,Crest,Crestmobile,Thomas,Holley,Curved Dash Olds,Rambler. Longuemare carbs,Old race car stuff,cars,bodies,Ford Model A and T overhead valve conversions,etc.  THANKS! Please share with your friends.

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