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Thursday is probably the best day. Tuesday is mostly set-up and cars can't go into the car corral until Wednesday, so that'll be empty, too. Friday some folks start to pack up.


If you can only make one day, Thursday is your best bet if you want to see swap meet/car corral.

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If I had to tell someone which day to show up, I think I'd say Thursday.  Tuesday, there are people getting there, and there are good deals occasionally, but you have to walk a long way between vendors.  Wednesday is good, and Wednesday afternoon probably excellent, and again, you may find some good deals as people clean out their garages and you see stuff for the first time (there's a lot at Hershey that you almost want to give a name and say hi to because you've seen it for a few years).


I sorta think Thursday is the best day for general flea marketing.  Just about every vendor is there that day (although you still have to walk by a lot of parked cars, when is the Hershey region going to set aside a field for parking and offer an incentive for buying just one space there?), and while some early super deals may be gone, most of the fairly priced items may still be around.


By Friday, people start leaving, particularly Friday afternoon.  Saturday, in the flea market, is only to shop for those last minute deals from the few vendors left, who don't want to go home with that 1930's Gogomobile left rear quarter trim piece that they've been trying to get rid of for ten years.....


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Agree it takes a lot of walking on Tuesday, which is generally set-up day,  but by Wednesday PM it's full bore.  Many vendors feel that's the best selling day as the early-birds are out in force snapping up- goodies, some of it even for resale the next day.  Couple of additional points - there is just too much to see on one day.  If you can do it, I recommend Wed, Thurs and Friday Am. Also, it depends on what you are looking for.   I've found unbelievable stuff each and every day - even Saturday walking back from the car show in the later PM.  Of course I collect soooooooomuch stuff it's not hard to find it!


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I am in the Red Field North and Saturday the only thing out that way are seagulls and port a sans, our best day selling has always been on Thursday, Friday it is pretty dead out our way after 11 AM. Tuesday I found always to be low ballers.

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Here is Penn state dept of revenue site link,  that I have to have a sales and use form you have to fill out or at least I do bi-annually once with sales tax payment based on sales and the other time all o's good luck should be a contact number for you to call them




Rich Baumgarten


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