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1929 Studebaker Commander 8 FDT


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Can any one please help with a source for the following items for a 1929 Commander 8 FDT


1).Half round chrome trim, fitted up the sides and over the top of the 1929 era Studebaker Commander and President Cars.


We have a 1929 Commander 8 FDT , been stored in a barn for some 15 to 20 years. The chrome trim has rusted quite badly, the rust is too deep to polish out. Is any one still making it.


2). Delco Remy Lovejoy shock absorbers for the front :-


Looking for either two front shocks or can some one please advise the Delco Remy part numbers. Originals were replace with Armstrongs. 


3). Windscreen frame:-







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I think you are started in the right direction.

Using this forum to obtain  parts was useful  for me when I started to restore my 1929 Commander. I also join the Antique Studebaker club and meet some great owners of 29 commanders and I placed wanted ads in the magazine.

Yes, please post a photo of your car.


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