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WTB Pinion and ring gear för a Stan Par rear axle

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Yes, the internal gears were made by Brown-Lipe- Chapin that was a well known manufacturer of transmissions. The Stephens Motor Works used  front and rear axles from Stan Par in 1920 only. The following year, 1921, the Stephens cars were equipped with axles from Timken. Have done som research and I found just a few car manufacturers that used the Stan Par axles: Sayers Six, Bidddle and Stephens. There were so many brands on the market so I guess there must have been more than these car manufacturers that used the Stan Par axles, but these axles were not very common. If my search for the missing parts fails I must find a similar rear axle.

Rear axle.jpg


The differential.jpg

Broken differential spider.jpg

Text 100787   20¤ 38-8 BROWN-LIPE-SHAPING.jpg

StanPar logo Front axle.jpg

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