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1928 Std 6 speedometer cable

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According to the big parts book - in the United Motors Service section,  a 1928 series 115 outer cable is 62 1/8" long (with the ends attached).  www.restorationstuff.com should have all the parts you need to make a new one.  See page 50.  The length may help someone digging for an old one as well.    Hugh

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I found more in the big book. 

Casing - Speedometer

62 1/8"   1928 ser 115        

65 5/8"    1928 ser 120-128 


Cable - speedometer

63 1/8"   1927 ser 120-128, 1928 ser 115

66 5/8"    1928 ser 120-128


So for you, the inner cable is built 1" longer than the outer casing.

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On 2. oktober 2016 at 4:18 PM, gr8success said:

I have an outer casing that I believe is for a 1928 Ser 120-128.  PM me if you are interested.  Hugh


I am interested in the housing If it is in good condition.

Could you send me a coupple of photos? Specially interested in both ends of the housing.  What is the price? Email: einar.bakke(at)norpost.net 





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