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ABS brake accumulator

Barney Eaton

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I have posted here before because your Teves ABS brake system is pretty much the same as the on the Buick Reatta (I am the Reatta technical advisor).

I am wondering what TC owners are doing about finding replacement ABS accumulators.    Two years ago they were about $100 on Amazon and now the availabity is drying up and prices are rising.

Attached is a drawing that shows the different conditions of the accumulator and I have added dimensions to the center picture....those dimensions are for a stock (Teves) accumulator used on the Reatta....how does the dimensions compare to the one used on the TC? 


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Barney:  There also is an alternate route, If you don't really care if your Reatta is 100% original and want a reliable brake system There is a site that eliminates the Tevis pump and accumulator. The owner of the site assured me that virtually any vehicle can be adapted to this system. In short it uses the existing power steering pump as it's source of energy. I am seriously considering doing this on my '90 TC this winter since it's a nice driver car but not a concourse car.


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