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'37 Pontiac 6 Touring AC Fuel Pump numbers - help!

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I want to order a fuel pump kit and to do that I need the pump number.     I can't figure out what this number is.    I haven't taken the pump off the car yet and can't read the number from above so I shoved my camera down low and took some photos of the flange number, after cleaning off with a wire brush of course.   The pump is on my 1937 Pontiac 6 Deluxe Touring Sedan, 223 engine, std transmission.    It's a dual diaphragm unit with slotted screws.  Here are five of those pix I took.   It looks like it's 9242 or 9342, possibly 32-12 or 93-12 by looking at the second digit near the bottom of the stamped digit.  Suppose it could be 92-12 or 32-42 but I don't know of any fuel pump stamping with a dash like that so I'm guessing it's a number 4.    The first number looks like a 9 but I haven't seen any kits starting with a 9 for an AC pump.  Kind of a sloppy stamping as you can see which makes it tough to read.


Can anyone tell me, with any certainty, what these number are.


Thanks, in advance!

1_Fuel Pump_#.JPG

2_Fuel Pump_#.JPG

3_Fuel Pump_#.JPG

4_Fuel Pump_#.JPG

5_Fuel Pump_#.JPG

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Here is a guy that sells rebuilt kits for your car . I have a 1938 Pontiac 4-dr. sedan.

KURT KELSEY Phone # 641-648-9086

email is

He also had allot of NOS parts for Pontiac's.

Here are two clubs " YOU "  should join, they have other Pontiac and Oakland  people that can help with your needs.


ETC, Early Times Chapter, email is

GOOD LUCK PetePontiac -1

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Thanks for the file, hwellens, it does answer some of my questions.   One being does any pump have numbers starting with a "9".    Apparently they do.   At first I thought my grandpa's car was original just because of how he used it and kept it.    But I guess he must have had some problems since it has a 1949-52 WA-1 carburetor which was not original.   Now I'm thinking he may have had the fuel pump replaced as well.    Anyway, thanks for the response.


I hear ya, PetePontiac-1, but I never was a big fan of clubs.   I'm kind of a loner and DIY-er.    I've talked with Kurt before on other matters and he seems to be a helpful guy and a great resource.     Thanks for all the details too!

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