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Deliver 4 foot dash from 12 miles south of Atlanta to Hershey


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Is it possable for someone to pickup the dash in Fayetteville, Ga and meet me at the Hershey Swap Meet?

It is a 4 foot Dash similar to the one below.

Hupp Dash.jpg


Fayetteville is south of the Atlanta.

It is 12 miles south of I-285 by pass and between I-75 & I-85.
It is 5 miles east of I-85 and 15 miles west of I-75
I will be in the North Chocolate field near light pole 33.
I will be more than happy to come to your location to pick it up.



937 287-8466


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I just shipped a 50" steering column with the local UPS store. It went from the wilds of western New York to Texas for $29. I do  stuff like that all the time. I paid and extra $8.00 for them to pack it. Even had the shift lever sticking out a foot with a nice ruby knob on it.


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On ‎9‎/‎23‎/‎2016 at 0:06 PM, JACK M said:

You guys are a lot of help.

Of coarse the right answer is a road trip.


I know right? I've taken parts and cars & car people all over the place and others have done this for me. I can't make this particular trip but I hope someone can. What if the 'Federal Parcel' driver lost it or threw it over a fence and broke it? Getting to hard to find some of the items all of us here use, imagine explaining to the damage claim person what a Hupmobile instrument panel is or determining it's value. I'm getting 'Geezerish' but in my day we'd be quicker help each other out.   


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