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1933 Headlights from what vehicle

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I have had these rolled bezel, one-piece headlights since 1961, and no one has ever positively identified them. Can You?

They are ink stamp dated Sept 22, 1933 and are a matched Left and Right pair

Have Corcoran-Brown Tri-Beam lenses, L & R, and use a GE Mazda lamp for the bulb

Note that they do not have a removable bezel!

I am sure someone needs them for a completion on a project car.

Any ideas? Guys at Auburn-Bugatti-Cord-Duesenberg had no idea what they fit to.





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Yes, thank you! I have a bunch of 1933-34 Dodge pics and also in my Automobile Quarterly book collection, but none of the original pics from Dodge show them that way. Unless it was a special order. The other thing I noticed is that they appear to be slightly shorter than mine. Any idea as to how I can get a better/closer pic of those?

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As far as the lamps go, you can take the lens out carefully and go to this web site to see if they are listed for a certain make. There is a number around the edge. The guy does not want to identify stuff, but he may already have it listed.....http://www.oldcarlenses.com/index.html

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4 hours ago, Gettin Older said:

Only one I have ever seen, too. Guy died and wife sold it to a collector back east. The doors had leather that rolled over to the exterior where you would rest your elbow when the windows were down. You can see it in first pic.

Is there an actual "Thunderbolt" nameplate on that car?

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