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Save This 1949 Town and Country in Wisconsin Wrecking Yard


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This is a T&C car that someone needs to find buy and save it.

Supposedly at  "Precious Metals" wrecking yard in Prescott Wisconsin.

I got this off the P15-D24 board....the original poster found it on a FB post and can find nothing more about it.

I looked on Google and got nowhere. Maybe someone here would have better luck.

I can't believe it ended up in a wrecking yard?!!

1949 T&C  Precious Metals Prescott Wisconsin 2..JPG

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I did a little research.


The car is at River City Metals in Prescott, Wis. 715-792-2018.


They are going to take offers until the end of the month and the sell it to the highest offer.


When I figure out how to get the photos from my iPhone to my computer I will post then........it's really, really rough.





Screen shot 2016-09-20 at 2.05.53 PM.png

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Those visors, outside cast mirror bases, cast fender moldings and top mechanism etc. are extremely hard to find parts by themselves.!

The VIN# should be reported to Harold Mermel or the T&C registry for records that it most likely died a sad death!

The car is not worth a lot of money though... hope the yard agrees.

Looks to be an early 49 because of the trunk handle.

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I don't know as I got the info about it from a 3rd party and he is not wanting to go any further with it.....

 Here is the company who has it... The car is at River City Metals in Prescott, Wis. 715-792-2018     if you want to call them.

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