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Not a Dodge-an original Ford that is in great condition for the most part being original.

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If I'm reading the books right there were 28,904 1932 Ford Model 18 (V8) 2 door coupes made.


Dodge produced a 6 Cly DL series and an 8 Cyl DK series in 1932.  They made 1,963 DL Business Coupes and 57 DK Business Coupes and 1,816 DL 2/4 Rumble Seat Coupes and 821 DK Rumble Seat Coupes.  The Ford Model 18 retailed around $490 and the Dodge DL retailed around $800 and the DK around $1100.  That explains the production numbers.


The price difference today can only be explained by love of a brand.

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