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Help ID This 4-Door

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OK, I know I must be missing something obvious here but this one has me stumped.  Looks like 34-36 sedan, single pane rear window, headlights out, but several odd features:  big body belt line, tail lights that look like a later Hudson, both front and rear doors hinged off the B-pillar (suicide fronts), no real rain gutter and doors that run right up into the roof.  This was a two-page spread in this month's (September 2016)  Smithsonian magazine, an article about migrants from the south into the north in the mid-30s.  No caption or identification in the article


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10 hours ago, Dave Mellor NJ said:

Door arrangement is like a 35 Huppmobile


Image result for 1935 Hupmobile

Agree the 35-6 Hupp is one of the few cars with that door arrangement, but those have a split rear window and the tail lights are completely different.  Maybe a different series or model, again, this one has me stumped.  Plate on the photo is a Florida 1940 so the car was relatively new at the time the photo was taken.

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