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1964 Buick Lesabre station wagon


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Just bought a 1964 Buick Lesabre station wagon, and to my experience one of 56 produced with its original options and configuration. see attached thread,

Couple of  questions, What impact on the judging would adding more original factory option have, secondly changing the configuration from a two seat row car to a three seat row, and last changing the factory color to another correct Buick color? 


Also I wonder if it will have some significant impact on the cars value?



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You're not in the US and my comments will apply to the US market and shows.  To best answer your question, you need to look at the market in Norway and Europe in general.  So here are my thoughts--  Adding factory accessories can decrease the judging outcome on your car.  It is an additional item to be judged.  If you put a right hand mirror on the car that had less than perfect chrome there could be a deduction, but if you had no mirror there would be no deduction. 


In terms on sales value, adding accessories will not increase the value of the car, but may make it easier to sell.  The exception is factory high performance options and to a lesser degree factory air conditioning.


Rare options are great for conversation at shows however.


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