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Are these Lincoln radiators?

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I have two radiators that I think might be for Lincolns.  One was marked 1941 when I got it, the other has no markings.  Can anyone help me identify them?

I need to find a new home for them and I could deliver them to Hershey if anyone is interested.  I hate to sell them for scrap if someone can use them.

The one on the left in the pictures is marked '41.  The core is 3" thick and about 19" x 25 1/2".  The tank is 4 1/2" tall and the hose size is 1 3/4".

The other one has a 3 1/2" thick core that measures about 18'  x 24" and the tank is 6 1/2" high.  This one has a drain on the left water outlet.


Thanks for any help in advance.

2016-09-07 001.JPG

2016-09-07 014.JPG

2016-09-07 011.JPG

2016-09-08 003.JPG

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I checked the top one against my 1938 while in the shop this afternoon.  Looks the same as mine except my overflow tube doesn't cut the fins anywhere.  The tube is soldered in the upper right hand corner.  Very small problem and fix for a good radiator. 

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