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1983 LeSabre 4-dr. 37,000 miles, Minnesota

Pete Phillips

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The BCA office has been contacted by a man wishing to sell his late father's immaculate 1983 LeSabre with 37,000 actual miles. The car is in the Minneapolis area. Here is his description:


Our father purchased a 1983 Buick Limited Lesabre 4 door new many years ago and passed not long after it was purchased.  The car has been in driven only occasionally, but mostly stored, for all these years and is in great shape, still like new.  The family has decided to sell the car, not to just anyone, but to someone who REALLY appreciates the Buick name and collects these type of vehicles.  He was a long-time Buick fan and had many previous models like this. 
Car Details:
... silver with black top
... only 37,000 miles
... never driven in winter or snow
... interior very clean
... no body work ever done, no chips, scratches
... original tires
... trunk hardly used, so very clean
... starts easily and drivable 
... radio works fine
... photos attached, many more available to anyone interested
We are not sure what the value of this vehicle would be at this time, possibly $3,000 to $3,500, but more importantly we would like to see this can owned by someone who would enjoy it as a collector if possible.
Item number one, for any purchaser, would need to be replacing those original, 33-year-old tires! I've been told that the air conditioner works properly and the car has the 307 V-8. I think a sincere offer of $2500 might buy the car, but don't quote me on that. Where are you going to find a clean, used car with only 37,000 miles and working A/C for that price? These comments are mine, not the seller's. Do not contact me about the car. That is all I know about it. Contact the seller at the email above, if interested.
Pete Phillips

83 LEsabre 1.jpg

83 Lesabre2.JPG

83 LESabre 3.JPG

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My thoughts exactly Pete. I guess he sent this out to other Chapter Directors also. I received a direct email from him yesterday. I mentioned about the 33 year old tires. I asked him, more importantly, where the car was located. Now that I know I need not send out to my local in central PA. I now of people living in one state advertising a car and the car is 3 states away.

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