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Gene Brink

Avon 1953 Buick aftershave collectible container

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Was having tires put on my 1996 Tracer wagon Wednesday and while waiting my youngest daughter and I went to an antique store nearby to pass the time when I found a '53 Skylark for only $5. Could not pass up such a deal even though I do not collect stuff like this at all. In the original box, unopened (so left the plastic on the top [front]) and stickers not applied. My daughter looked up on e-Bay and it seems as though Avon sold these in 1979-80. Kind of cute but if I'd of had any foresight I would have bought a real Skylark when they were affordable when I was in high school in the early 60's. Hindsight is so good...:rolleyes:


2016-09-02 12.34.26.jpg

2016-09-02 12.34.36.jpg

2016-09-02 12.35.50.jpg

2016-09-02 15.37.04.jpg

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I guy walked into the shop last week and handed me one of those exact same cars. He said he knew I had an old Buick so he thought I would like it. No box and the stickers are coming off. I made the mistake of opening it and gave it a good deep smell. (Gag) I hope it smelled better when it was new!

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