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1916 Hupmobile 7 passenger touring, Bozeman MT craigslist

Oregon Desert model 45

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 1916 Hupmobile model N 7 passenger touring car - $3500 (Butte)

This is a very rare car. It is a Hupmobile 1916 7 passenger touring car. The car has

a 134" wheel base and about a 350 cubic inch 4 cylinder. The motor and trans turns.

The car is mostly complete the body and small parts are stored inside. It needs a

total restoration but it would be worth it. It is 1 of 4 known long wheel base model

N's left in the world. The car is complete except for rear axle housing, rear panel,

generator, drive shaft and some miscellaneous brake rods and bolts. The carburetor,

gauge cluster, Jump seats radiator, Kellogg timing drive air pump are all included

with the car. I even have the Montana 1919 liscence plates for it in an envelope with

the original owners name on it.

(406) 531-6556






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G,day Huppers. The car in the pictures is a 1917 and not a 1916. Easily vissable is the 17 teen oil header resoviour. The timing case housing and the gearbox case will be malleable iron and not alluminium, The casting date will be on the crankcase under the manifold. The clutch cover has no coil mounting bracket  as 16 had. The wheel hubs are different to 16  I cant read the eng. number but it is on the crankcase extension above where the generator mounts. A rough check is to insert a finger between the engine number and the chassis rail one finger is 16 two fingers 17. This should be an improvement on 16 as the clutch is lighter and the gearbox improved. Max BURKE  Nulkaba 2325 Australia

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