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Spark Plugs

Rex C

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Hi All,

A few months ago I acquired my first antique automobile, a 1938 Dodge Brothers D8 Touring Sedan. Mechanically it appears to be 100% original.

I've taken it to a couple of cruise nights and a couple of local shows where it won "Best of Show" in both.

Today I decided to take a look at the spark plugs. The current plugs are a Champion J11C which show some wear. Car has run fine since I've had it.

I have a copy of the shop manual which calls for a Champion J-8 gapped at .025". The current J11C's appear to have about a .033" gap right now.

My question is: are the J11C's the best spark plug available now and should the new plugs be gapped at .025"?

Thank you in advance for any info.


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The old J8 plugs are ordinary lawn mower engine plugs.

If you've had good luck with what you're using don't argue with success.

There are 10,000 more opinions about plug brands than there are brands.

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