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Front Strut boot and bumper


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I am getting ready to replace both my front struts.  Neither is leaking, but the are factory and the drivers side mount has failed.  I have the new Monroe struts and a set of the Gabriel mount/bearing kits, but I am having difficulty in finding new boots and bumpers listed as applicable to my '89 Reatta.  The existing boots look fine, but I would just as soon replace them and I certainly want to replace the bumper located at the top.  Monroe does NOT seem to even list an applicable kit for the front.  


Can anyone that has been down this path shed some light to a source of either a specific boot/bumper kit or a universal kit that will work.  


UPDATE! A bit more research and I have found a KYB boot and bumper kit that fits the '89 Riviera but KYB does not even list the Reatta.   As the Riv lists a different strut compared to the Reatta, this might or might not be a fit.  Thoughts




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The Monroe struts have a rebate available. I think it's about 10 bux per. The rebate form can be had at the RockAuto site. I think it's in the upper right hand that there's a link for "Promotions and Rebates". Click it, and scroll down til you find it. Print it, fill it out and mail it out along with the bar codes peeled from the strut boxes. Free money! Nothing wrong with that.


John F.

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Yes. It's exactly what I was referring to.

I just went to the site to check on it and found, as you did, that it had expired on July 31, 2012.

I came here to post that it had expired but you'd beat me to it.

But... if he purchase the struts prior to July 31st, he would still be eligible for the rebate because the;

"Offer submission must be postmarked by August 31, 2016. " So he has four more days to get it in the mail.


John F.

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